These are the top-rated indoor pizza ovens based on performance, temperature control, user-friendliness, and budget-friendly options.🍕

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo
  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: 350 – 750°F
Easy to use:
Editor’s Pick
Ooni Volt 12
  • Power: 1600 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: Up to 850°F
Easy to use:
Presto 03430 Pizzazz
  • Power: 1235 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: Up to 500℉
Easy to use:

I used to always rely on conventional kitchen ovens for my cooking needs. However, on this particular day, I decided to have a small pizza party while watching the Americas Rugby Championship. I planned to make Carretera, marinara, and Margherita pizzas using my standard oven.

If you’re chuckling right now, it’s probably because you’ve already been down this road and know how disastrous it can be. The pizzas turned out terrible – the crust was soggy yet dried out on the inside. Needless to say, my pizza party was almost a complete failure – thanks to a couple of chill beer bottles.

But ever since I invested in an indoor pizza oven, I’ve been able to achieve a perfectly crispy crust with beautiful leopard spots. This has completely transformed my culinary skills and elevated my pizza game.

If you’re interested in making iconic pizzas from the comfort of your own home, without the frustration of using a conventional oven, I highly recommend checking out these FOUR best indoor pizza ovens. They’ve helped me achieve the best results, and they’ll do the same for you too.

🥇Best Portable Indoor Pizza Oven

  1. Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven (Best Overall)
  2. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven (Best for High-Ends Ovens)
  3. WISCO INDUSTRIES, INC. 421 Pizza Oven (Best for Versatility)
  4. Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Countertop Oven (Best for Budget)

How Do Indoor Pizza Ovens Work?

Most Indoor pizza ovens are powered electrically. The best indoor countertop pizza oven will come with two heating elements. There’s one at the bottom and the other at the top.

Best Indoor Pizza Oven

The heating elements bring the oven to temperature fast. Ovens, like the Ooni models, feature excellent insulation for superior heat retention. This helps get the oven ready to bake at over 750 degrees F.

The base element delivers the conduction heat to char your pizza base. On the other hand, the top element offers a broiling effect. Its conventional heat helps caramelize your cheese for perfect taste and flavor.

It’s important to allow the oven to climb up to temperature for introducing your pizza. This way, your pie doesn’t have to cook for longer, causing it to dry out.

Difference Between Oven and Indoor Pizza Oven

Understanding the differences between a kitchen oven and an indoor pizza oven is crucial to making iconic pizzas at home. There are different types of pizza ovens – electric, gas, and wood fire.

What differentiates the pizza oven from the regular oven is temperature attainable. Pizza ovens are designed to reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular ovens are limited to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature is crucial to making great pizzas. The right oven should be able to hit around 750 degrees F for perfectly crispy pizza in 60 – 90 seconds.

On top of that;

Pizza oven delivers superior pizza texture. The exterior is golden brown with a charred base while remaining moist inside. This is something nearly impossible to achieve with standard ovens. This kitchen appliance tends to dry out the crust.

With an indoor pizza oven, you get better caramelization and beautiful “leopard” than the standard oven.

No doubt, standard ovens are versatile. However, it’s unsuitable for making great pizzas like pizza ovens.

📌Things You Need to Know..

  • If you have yet to find an indoor pizza oven that meets your expectations, it could be because many available options do not offer the necessary high-heat performance to produce exceptional pizzas.
  • Also, most comparison review websites focus on top-rated models without considering the vast range of customer needs.
  • I’ve carefully handpicked the best indoor countertop pizza ovens based on their insulation quality, baking performance, temperature range, and ease of use.
  • However, it’s up to you to consider the price, warranty, accessories included, and size before choosing.

Best Indoor Pizza Oven Review

Best Overall

Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven

My Rating:

In my opinion, the Ooni Volt 12 is the best indoor electric pizza oven for novice and seasoned cooks alike. Why? It has an easy-to-use adjustable dial, “Boost” mode, and superior insulation. This allows you to cook charred Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds to taste. You can also fire it up for another great pizza without delay. Thus, making it the perfect indoor pizza oven for a casual in-house pizza night.

  • Power: 1600 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: Up to 850°F
  • Timer Function: Up to 20 minutes
  • Cook time (Neapolitan): 90 Seconds

I love how it packs the performance of a wood-fired pizza oven for amazing results. The dynamic balance between its two heating elements impressed me. There’s little to no chance of ending up with a soggy crust or burnt toppings. Thanks to its 0.4-inch thick baking stone, the pizza texture is fantastic, with a charred base and beautiful “leopard spots.”

Key Features:

Ample 13-inch cooking area: the Ooni has a 13.27 x 13.27 inches cooking space. This feels so generous, allowing you to spin your pizzas without feeling cramped. It’s perfect for baking 12-inch pizzas without being too careful.

Boost mode: unlike other models, this unit has a “boost” function. This lets you quickly heat up the baking stone for another memorable pizza. No more annoying wait in between

First Cook with the Ooni Volt 12! Pizza Oven Review! | Got2EatPizza

850°F Max Temperature: the Ooni is the most powerful option on this list. It attains a scorching hot 850°F temperature in about 20 minutes. This means you can easily achieve perfectly charred Neapolitan pizza in less than two minutes. No special pizza-baking skill is required!

Best For:

Folks are looking for a powerful yet sleek electric pizza oven for indoor and outdoor pizza nights.


  • State-of-the-art insulation to trap heat for high-temperature baking performance
  • It rocks a triple-paned borosilicate glass door. It’s not only perfect for monitoring the baking process but also for trapping heat effectively.
  • The most dynamic balance between the bottom and broiling burners. It guarantees a pizzeria-quality result every time, even for a beginner.
  • It’s the only product on this list with a touchscreen and dial knob. It’s so intuitive and gives it a futuristic look and feel. 
  • It has the fastest recharging time, thanks to its Boost mode. It can be tiring to wait minutes before launching the next pie – not the Ooni Volt 12.
  • Equipped with a 45-minute auto shut-off function to keep this device from overheating and smoking.


  • It’s pricey. However, it’s worth its weight in gold.
  • This unit does not come with any preset modes.
  • I noticed it tends to smoke after a long baking session.

Best For High-End Ovens

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

My Rating:

After three months of baking with the Breville Smart Oven, I find it perfect for homeowners looking for a high-end option. It comes with several preset baking modes. Sturdy stainless steel construction to last many years. Plus, it’s one of the most engineered pizza ovens on the market. This is probably the reason it’s being named the best countertop pizza oven.

  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: 350 – 750°F
  • Cook time (Neapolitan): 2 mins

The result you get with the Breville Smart Oven is mindblowing. By turning the knob, I can easily bake anything from wood-fired to pan pizza. Even better, this is the only oven that allows me to choose my preferred pizza base darkness. Anyone can make restaurant-grade pizza without having the skills.

Key Features:

Element IQ System: this is the most advanced heating technology in any pizza oven. It delivers intense heat up to 750 degrees F in three forms – conduction, convection, and radiation. Thus, allowing this oven to mimic a wood-fired pizza oven. It perfectly chars pizza crust and caramelizes cheese for a FA-TAS-TIC result.

Loads of Preset Pizza Functions: this is one feature I wish the Volt 12 had. This portable indoor pizza oven is perfect for baking any pizza style with ZERO experience. Simply turn the knob to instantly achieve professional-grade Pan, New York, Frozen, and Wood-Fired pizza.

The Greatest Home Pizza Maker Ever? | Pro Home Cooks

High Heat Retention: similar to the Volt 12, this unit holds temperature for a long time. Although it has a double-pane heat-resistant front window, its insulation is top-notch. So you don’t have to wait tirelessly before launching the next pizza.

Best For:

Homeowners are looking to replicate any pizzeria-grade pizza style without learning the ropes.


  • Sturdy brushed stainless steel construction for a shiny, timeless look
  • It offers a wealth of preset cooking modes to make authentic pizza style. Also, you can choose how charred you want your pizza.
  • Unlike Volt 12, the Breville Smart Oven has a FREE sturdy pizza peel and pan. If this isn’t more value for money, then I don’t know what’s.
  • It comes to temperature and is ready to churn out authentic Neapolitan pizza in 15 minutes. It’s one of the shortest preheat times on this list.


  • This fine indoor pizza oven is very pricey. So, if you are on a budget, consider other options.
  • This oven’s cooking chamber is not as generous as the Volt 12. You might feel cramped making a 12-inch pizza in it.

Best for Versatility


My Rating:

In my experience, the Winco 421 is the tabletop pizza oven indoor for small bakeries. The reason? This model is equipped with a rack and compatible with a perforated pizza pan, allowing for a diverse range of baking options.

  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Cook time (Neapolitan): 3-4 Mins
  • Number of Speeds: 10
  • Temperature Range: Up to 500℉
  • Timer Function: Up to 300 minutes

Despite not being as visually appealing as the Volt 12, this unit boasts an impressive heat output of up to 500°F. What I find most noteworthy, however, is its adjustable thermostat. It offers a wide temperature range from 150 to 500°F in 25 increments. Hence, allowing you to cook just about anything to perfection, including chicken wings.

Key Features:

Long-Life Calrod Heating Elements: it comes with 1500W tubular heating elements. They deliver searing temperatures and ensure the most uniform heat distribution. So you don’t have to worry about spinning your pizza for a perfect finish.

LCD display: amazingly, this industrial-looking oven has an LCD. It comes in handy knowing how much time is left and at what temperature you are cooking at a glance. Unlike the Volt 12 and Breville Smart Oven, it takes away the guesswork.

Removable Clean-Out Tray: this makes post-cooking cleanup a breeze. It’s dishwasher-safe for a convenient cleaning experience. Moreso, you can remove the rack and use a perforated pizza pan or stone for more cooking options. Thus, making it suitable for baking most pizza styles, popcorn shrimp, popcorn, onion rings, etc.

Best For:

Folks looking for a semi-commercial countertop pizza oven to bake various mouthwatering pies.


  • Durable stainless steel construction with a polished finish ensures it withstands the rigors of a bustling kitchen.
  • LCD for easy monitoring or keep track of your cooking temperature or time
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Wide temperature range up to 500 degrees F to cook almost anything conveniently. 


  • It does not come with a baking stone. Besides, it does not exceed 500 degrees F, so you can’t cook authentic Neapolitan pizza.
  • Having just one knob to control both the timer and temperature can be frustrating, as I often accidentally turn it off. It may take some time to adjust and become accustomed to using it.

Best for Budget

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Countertop Oven

My Rating:

I picked the Presto Pizzazz Plus as the best portable indoor pizza oven for budget-conscious cooks. The reason is not far-fetched. It has two heating elements to cook your pie’s topping and base at different temperatures. This small indoor pizza oven features a practical rotating tray mechanism that ensures even cooking. Despite its low price point, this unit makes baking super easy and fun.

  • Power: 1235 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 12-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: Up to 500℉
  • Timer Function: Up to 20 minutes
  • Cook time (Neapolitan): >5 mins

Moreover, I adore the oven’s striking and unconventional design. It adds a touch of beauty to any kitchen counter. Its ultra-portable size allows it to fit seamlessly into any space. Plus, storing or removing it from cabinets requires minimal effort, weighing only 7.6 pounds. You would be hard-pressed to find another pizza oven at such an affordable price point that offers all of these fantastic features.

Key Features:

Compact and Space Saving: this model measures 14.5 x 15.8 inches. It barely takes up any space either on your kitchen counter or in the cabinet. This is the ultimate choice for homeowners with small kitchens.

Excellent Heating Elements: this oven comes with two, like the Volt 12. It allows you to play with the heat setting individually. So, you can cook your favorite pan pizza without being soggy or burnt.

BEST PIZZA Maker PIZZAZZ Presto Rotating Oven | Just A Dad Videos

Rotatory Non-stick Pan: unlike other models reviewed, you don’t have to babysit this one. Its non-stick pan rotates to ensure your pizza has the finest finish and texture. Your pies are evenly cooked with zero input from you. No need to learn how to launch or retrieve your pizza successfully with a peel. Also, the non-stick pan is removable for easy cleaning.

Best For:

New chefs cook frozen pizza frequently. Also, it’s a go-to for beginners not looking to break the bank on an indoor pizza oven.


  • This small machine can fit anywhere on your countertop. Besides, it’s super lightweight. It’s no work storing this unit in your cabinet and using it daily.
  • Sleek design and is easy to clean for a pristine look every time
  • It cooks immediately without having to preheat it
  • It consumes less energy compared to the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven.
  • The Presto Pizzazz Plus is the most affordable pizza-making machine without any major compromise.


  • I will recommend something other than this device for people looking to achieve authentic Neapolitan pizzas. It works like magic for frozen pizza but tends to deliver soggy thin pizzas. The reason is because of its inability to hit 700 degrees F. Therefore, it takes longer to bake a Neapolitan pizza.

📊Comparisons of Indoor Pizza Oven

 Ooni Volt 12Breville Smart Oven PizzaioloWISCO 421Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus
Best ForOverallHigh EndSmall RestaurantsBudget
Power1600 Watts1800 watts1500 watts1235 watts
Size24.2 x 20.8 inches18.5 x 18.1 inches18 x 15 inches14.5 x 15.8 inches
Weight39.2 lbs37.47 lbs19 lbs7.6 lbs
Max Temperature850°F750°F500°F370° F
Timer20 mins20 mins30 mins20 mins
Cook time (Neapolitan)90 seconds2 mins3 – 4 mins> 5 mins
Baking FloorCordierite StoneCordierite StoneRemovable TrayRemovable Non-stick Pan
Warranty2 years2 years 1 years

Benefits of Owning an Indoor Pizza Oven

It’s okay to wonder why most pizza enthusiasts are suddenly raving about these models. This appliance is touted to be a must-have for baking memorable pizzas. Are they worthy? Should you purchase one immediately? Here are the most compelling reasons to purchase an indoor pizza oven

Easy to Maintain and Use

Unlike wood-fired models, indoor pizza ovens are a breeze to use. They are made from top-quality aluminum and steel. This makes them highly resistant to corrosion, despite being an indoor model. They are durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Also, they are easier to clean after every use. They are mostly electrical, meaning no flame. Thus, you don’t have to spend most of your free time cleaning out ash or smoke residue.

Some models come with a non-stick baking surface for minimal cleaning requirements. However, I prefer baking stone for its crisp performance. Besides, cleaning it only requires using a brush to scrub off burnt-on.

Quick Cook Times

A portable indoor pizza oven usually comes with a 12-inch cooking surface. Their small size means some area to heat up. They come to temperature faster than other large-sized or outdoor models. Thus, their quick cooking time makes them perfect for making amazing homemade pizzas almost instantly.

Thanks to their superior engineering, these models have their heating element close to the cooking surface. This way, it heats up faster and holds the temperature better than outdoor models. The upside is it allows you to cook several pizzas without a long wait in between.

Extra Features

Most indoor pizza ovens come with a host of additional features to improve your baking experience. These small and compact appliances are equipped with built-in thermometers for precise cooking.

Also, some models have an automatic shut-off function to prevent your pie from burning. The best part is its digital controls: it’s easier to use, and cooking is more fun.

Easy to Store

Unlike your brick pizza oven, these models are designed to stay on your countertop without taking up much space. Most indoor pizza ovens are light enough to store and bring out of the cabinet after every use.

In fact, they can tag along on your next tailgating, camping, and outdoor adventures. They are light and small to fit any space left in your vehicle.

Also, you can leave them on your countertop if you bake nearly every day. However, it’s essential to keep them away from cupboards. Plus, their lids open in such a way that you still place them under cabinets, even with little clearance.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Indoor Pizza Oven

When shopping for an indoor pizza oven, it’s easier to get confused. There are an overwhelming number of indoor pizza ovens available.

To ensure you make the right choice, here are the most important factor to consider before splurging on a model:


Indoor pizza ovens come in different designs. So, picking one that matches your home kitchen setup is best.

I recommend models with stainless steel or black finishes for a sleek and modern appearance. However, they are prone to scratches. Thus, they are suitable for homeowners with pets or kids.

Additionally, some pizza ovens come with a viewing door. This allows you to track your pizza cooking progress without opening the lid. It would be best if you also considered how the lid opens to ensure you have enough clearing.

Size and Capacity

Most homeowners are particular about the size of appliances that earns a place on their countertop. While most indoor pizza ovens are small and compact, they can be space-consuming for your expensive counter.

Therefore, it’s best to predetermine how much space you are willing to sacrifice for a pizza oven. This helps narrow down the extensive options available.

Also, consider the size of the pizza you intend to make. For smaller pizzas, you are better off with the 12-inch models. However, slightly larger models can bake up to 14-inch pizzas.

In addition to that, some indoor pizza ovens come with a double cooking chamber. This lets you bake several pizzas at the same time. Keep in mind; these models tend to be bulkier than their counterparts.

Baking surface

The type of baking surface an indoor pizza oven uses affects your pie’s taste. However, these baking surfaces have their advantages and disadvantages.

Steel surfaces usually feature a non-stick coating for easy food release and cleaning. They are very durable and can withstand being mistakenly dropped. However, they won’t deliver that authentic Italian pizza taste.

This is where the baking stone shines. Its porous surface lets it wick away moisture for a perfectly crispy crust in a few seconds. Sadly, it’s not as durable as its steel counterpart. Plus, cleaning them is more challenging than the non-stick baking steel.

Temperature Range

This is perhaps the most important factor when shopping for a pizza oven. These appliances have different minimum and maximum temperatures. This determines exactly what you can cook in them. Also, their temperature range can affect your pizza texture and taste.

Temperature Range

High temperatures up to 800 degrees F are necessary for baking a Neapolitan pizza. You need the base charred and cooked through in less than 2 minutes. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pick models that come to temperature quickly.

If you are baking everything else except a Neapolitan-style pizza, then models with 212 – 700 degrees F might be your best bet.

Heating controls

The latest indoor pizza ovens feature two heating elements. This allows you to sear the pizza base while broiling the top ingredients.

Therefore, it’s important that the oven allows you to control the temperature of each element independently. This way, you can cook the base faster and vice versa. This way, you can avoid soggy pizza bases or burnt toppings, a typical problem with outdoor models.

Additional cooking options

Indoor pizza ovens are not created the same. Some models are more versatile than others. This means you can cook more than just pizzas in them. Thus, offering more value for your money.

Models with large baking space might allow you to roast a whole turkey and do more. Furthermore, you want to consider a model with manual controls. These models offer you the liberty of cooking at your preferred temperatures. The more controls you have over the cooking process, the more versatile the appliance can be.

Safety Features

For homeowners with kids and pets, it’s crucial to consider the oven’s safety features. The right oven should come with a locking door or cool touch handles. Some units like Ooni Volt 12 feature a powered coating exterior to ensure it’s safe to touch.

Also, you want the oven equipped with a built-in timer. It really comes in handy. It prevents your pizza from burning. Also, it helps extend the device’s lifespan while ensuring huge energy bills.

How To Use An Indoor Pizza Oven?

Indoor pizza ovens vary depending on their fuel type. Most models, however, use electricity. This helps you avoid the hassle of building a fire with wood or lugging propane tanks.

Using an electric pizza oven is straightforward. Set the oven’s temperature to the highest setting. The Ooni Volt 12 goes as high as 850 degrees F.

Keep the heat between the two heating elements balanced. This means you want both elements to be heated at the same temperature.

After 15 – 20 minutes, check the temperature of the stone with a temperature gun. Once it’s above 700 degrees F or you attain your preferred temperature, launch your raw pizza. For a successful launch, you’ll need a pizza peel.

Also, you want to check and see if your pie needs a couple of spins. Usually, indoor ovens like Volt 12 do not need to spin your pizza. However, you want to pay attention to the pace at which your pizza base and topping are cooking.

Use the dial to control the balance between the top and bottom toppings. For vegetables, you might want to favor the top heating elements for quicker cooking. Nonetheless, Neapolitan pizzas are usually ready in 2 minutes. Otherwise, it’s going to be soggy and unpalatable.


Nothing beats being able to cook up your favourite pizza at home. However, doing it outdoors or heating a large oven can be off-putting. This is where an indoor pizza oven comes in handy.

Sadly, they are created equal. Meaning? Some models can’t deliver authentic restaurant-grade pizza. Luckily, I’ve reviewed the best indoor pizza oven and why I chose them.

Now, considering the factors I mentioned in the buying guide section, it’s up to you to choose. There’s no going wrong with any product I’ve mentioned.

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson

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