Editorial Process

At Pizzapeopleaz.com, I ampassionate about all things pizza and are dedicated to providing my readers with comprehensive guides on pizza ovens and pizza-making accessories. My mission is to maintain high editorial standards while delivering accurate, helpful, and unbiased advice.

As I continue to expand my team, I remain committed to upholding the same rigorous editorial process that has guided my work thus far.

I have established a multi-layered editorial process to ensure the creation of accurate, impartial, and engaging content across all aspects of pizza-making.

I collaborate with and promote companies that prioritize ethical practices, exhibit transparency in their product offerings, and have been personally tested and approved by me.

Below, you can learn more about my editorial ethos and the process that spans from research to final publication:

Research & Understanding

Research & Understanding Before any article is commissioned at Pizzapeopleaz.com, it undergoes an intensive research phase. I carefully evaluate potential topics based on their relevance, credibility, and alignment with my editorial values. If a topic does not meet these criteria, I will not cover it.

Once a suitable topic is identified, I assign it to a writer with relevant expertise in pizza-making, pizza ovens, or related accessories.

I encouraged to conduct thorough research and testing to ensure that my content is as detailed and accurate as possible.


Aiming for 100% Accuracy I strive for 100% accuracy in every piece of content I produce. If it’s not 100% accurate, I consider it “not accurate.” My editors play a crucial role in maintaining this standard, as they meticulously fact-check each article before it is published. Additionally, I regularly review and update older content to reflect new findings, studies, and changes in the industry.

Impartiality: Whether I writing a pizza oven review or a guide to the best pizza-making accessories, my goal is always to remain impartial.

I do monetize my content through affiliate links (when appropriate), but monetary gain never influences my content. This income helps maintain and improve my editorial process.

If I include products that don’t meet my high standards, I clearly indicate their shortcomings and often suggest better alternatives.

Three-step pre-publication screening process

Publication After I complete an article, it undergoes a three-step pre-publication screening process, which includes fact-checking, spelling and grammar review, and real-world application assessment. Two members of the editorial team typically handle this process to ensure that the content meets my high standards before it is published on Pizzapeopleaz.com