How Many Slices in a Large Pizza? (Pizzaiolo’s Answer)

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When it comes to pizza, size really does matter. It’s not just about the number of toppings or the quality of cheese—the size of your pie can make all the difference when it comes to satisfying hunger. This is especially important when ordering pizza for a large group of people. If you don’t get enough pizza for everyone, people are going to be pissed.

The go-to pizza size for a group of more than 3 people is the large one. But what exactly does “large” mean? How many slices should you expect from a large pizza? And how much pizza do you actually need to feed a big group at a party?

In the USA, a large pizza is anywhere between 14-18 inches and has 8 slices, depending on the pizzeria. 3 slices per adult and 2 slices per kid is the general rule of estimation I follow when calculating the number of pizzas I need to order for a party.

Curious to find out how large is a large pizza in popular pizza chains across the country? I’ll get to it in some time, but before that, let’s go over the basics once.

Pizza Size Variations

Pizza size varies by region. And it’s not just the number of slices but the diameter and thickness of each slice that differ. In some regions, large pizzas are even bigger than 18″. 

How Many Slices in a Large Pizza
Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to pizza. This large pie is sure to satisfy your cravings

Some places also offer extra-large or jumbo pizzas with over 20 slices with customized toppings. Below is a comprehensive list of commonly available pizza sizes where I live:

  • Small: A small pizza is typically around 8-10 inches in diameter, has 4-6 slices, and serves 1-2 people. It is a good size for individuals or couples who wants an individual serving or wish to share it with a friend.
  • Medium: A medium pizza would be around 12 inches in diameter, has 6-8 slices, and is enough to feed 2-3 people. It is a popular choice for small families or groups of friends for obvious reasons.
  • Large: A large pizza is usually 14-18 inches large, usually cut up into 8-10 slices, and can feed 3-4 people. It is a good option for larger families or groups of friends. It’s the go-to order for small house parties or family get-togethers.
  • Extra Large: Measuring approx 18-20 inches, it can easily satisfy the hunger of 4-6 people.
  • Party Size: As quite evident by the name, a party-size pizza can be as large as 26 inches and is ideal for feeding a group of 8-12 people.
  • Specialty Sizes: Some pizzerias offer specialty sizes such as “gigantic” or “giant” that can be even larger than a party-size pizza. These sizes are suitable for very large groups or events.

Note that with large rectangular pizzas, you will get 12-14 rectangular slices/cuts per pizza.

That said, figuring out how many people a large pizza feed is not as straightforward as it seems. The answer depends on a number of factors, such as how hungry your guests are and the type of pizza you order. For example, a large 14-inch thick-crust pizza is much more filling than a 14-inch thin-crust NY pizza.

large pizza slices

The number of toppings will also come into play. Pizzas loaded with toppings are likely to be more filling than simple cheese pizzas. I like to err on the side of caution, so I always order one extra 18-inch pie, just in case. 

It’s better to have too much pizza than not enough. I don’t mind the leftovers. I’ll just heat it up nicely and have it for breakfast and lunch the next day. Life is good!

An Easy Guide to Calculating How Many Pizzas to Order

Number of People

The internet has taught me that the best way to determine how many pizzas to order for a group is by following the 3/8 rule. Here’s how it works:

Most pizza stores offer 8 slices for large pizzas. Most adults are likely to eat 3 slices of pizzas or more if they are starving. Use the following guide as your base while calculating how many pizzas to order for a gathering:

Medium pizza:

  • 2 pizzas for 5 individuals
  • 4 pizzas for 10 individuals
  • 6 pizzas for 15 individuals
  • 8 pizzas for 20 individuals
  • 10 pizzas for 25 individuals
  • 12 pizzas for 30 individuals
  • 14 pizzas for 35 individuals
  • 15 pizzas for 40 individuals
  • 17 pizzas for 45 individuals
  • 19 pizzas for 50 individuals

Large pizza:

  • 2 pizzas for 6-8 individuals
  • 4 pizzas for 10-12 individuals
  • 5 pizzas for 15 individuals
  • 7 pizzas for 20 individuals
  • 9 pizzas for 25 individuals
  • 11 pizzas for 30 individuals
  • 13 pizzas for 35 individuals
  • 14 pizzas for 40 individuals
  • 16 pizzas for 45 individuals
  • 18 pizzas for 50 individuals

Extra large pizza:

  • 1 large pizzas for 5 individuals
  • 2 pizzas for 10 individuals
  • 4 pizzas for 15 individuals
  • 5 pizzas for 20 individuals
  • 7 pizzas for 25 individuals
  • 8 pizzas for 30 individuals
  • 9 pizzas for 35 individuals
  • 10 pizzas for 40 individuals
  • 11 pizzas for 45 individuals
  • 12 pizzas for 50 individuals

As you might have already figured out, I haven’t applied the 3/8 rule for a large and extra-large pizza because one slice of a large or extra-large pizza will fill up much faster than a slice of a medium pizza. So, you will need to rely on a ballpark figure here and hope for the best.

I’d suggest you also consider the following factors before placing your order to avoid any mishaps:

  • How many kids and adults are you going to serve? Kids naturally have a lesser appetite than adults.
  • Will there be other dishes served alongside pizzas?
  • If everyone is famished, consider ordering an extra slice or two per head.

Pizza Calculator for Party

Number of guests
Slices per pizza
Pizza Type
Number of Children
Hunger Level

Types of Toppings and Crusts

Types of toppings and the type of crust you choose will also play a crucial role in determining how many slices to order. For example, if you’re going for a meat lover’s pizza with extra meat toppings ad cheese, each slice will be quite filling, irrespective of the thickness of the crust. 

On the other hand, if you want a vegetarian pizza with fresh veggies and Brooklyn-style thin crust, you might be able to squeeze in more slices per head.


Alcohol activates the hunger mode – that’s common knowledge. If you are serving liquor at your party, consider ordering extra pizza to compensate for the extra consumption. On the other hand, aerated drinks like soda tend to make you feel full after two glasses. 

If there are lots of non-alcoholic beverage options at the party, you may get away with serving 2-3 slices per head, provided there are other food options at the party.


Pizzas aren’t super expensive unless you’re ordering from a fancy place. A 14-inch pizza can easily serve up to 5 people. If your friends are going to split the bill, consider ordering individual-serving pizzas. Each pizza contains 4 slices.

Pizza Size Chart at Popular Pizza Stores

It’s worth noting that the number of slices in each size of pizza can vary depending on the specific pizzeria and the shape of the pizza. For ease of understanding, I’m using round pizzas as a reference point here. Most pizzerias offer a small pizza with 8 slices, while others may offer fewer or more slices.

If you have any specific concerns about the number of slices in a particular size of the pizza, it’s always a good idea to check with the pizzeria or refer to their menu for more information.

In general, a small pizza is a good option for individuals or couples who want a personal pizza, while a medium pizza is a popular choice for small families or groups of friends. 

A large pizza would be a good option for larger families or groups of friends who want to share, while an extra-large or party-size pizza is best suited for large gatherings. Below, I’ve listed the serving size of the most well-known pizza places in the country to give you a headstart:

1. Domino’s

At Domino’s, USA, the number of slices in a small, medium, and large pizza is as follows:

Size/Pizza SizeSmallMediumLarge
People served2-33-44-6
  • Small: 6 slices, 10 inches, serves 1-2 people
  • Large: 10 slices, 14 inches, serves 4-5 people
Calories per slice (approx.) = 270 calories (large), 210 calories (medium), 205 calories (small)

2. Pizza Hut

At Pizza Hut, it goes like this:

Size/Pizza SizeSmallMediumLarge
Inches8 inches12 inches14 inches
People served1-22-44-6
Calories per slice (approx.) = 299 calories (large), 250 calories (medium), 223 calories (small)

3. Papa John’s

At present, Papa John’s serves small, medium, large, and extra-large pizzas. The number of slices for each size is the following:

Size/Pizza SizeSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Inches6 inches11.5 inches13.5 inches15.5 inches
Slices6 slices8 slices10 slices12 slices
People served1-22-34-56
Calories per slice (approx.) = 250 calories (small), 270 calories (medium), 370 calories (large), 400 calories (extra large)

4. Little Ceasars

At present, Little Ceasars offers only large round and rectangular Detroit-style pizzas.

  • 16 slices in 12-inch round pizza (can serve 3-4 people)
  • 8 slices in 12″ rectangular deep-dish Detroit-style pizza (can serve 2-3 people)
Calories per slice (approx.) = 280 calories (round), 350 calories (deep dish)

5. Casey’s Pizza

The popular pizza store offers pizza in three sizes:

  • Small: 6 slices, 10 inches, serves 1-2
  • Medium: Also 6 inches, serves up to 3 people
  • Large: 12 slices, 14 inches, serves up to 6 people
Calories per slice (approx.) = 310 calories per slice (large), 267 calories (medium), 210 calories (small)

6. Jet’s Pizza

The sizes and number of slices at Jet’s Pizza are as follows:

  • Small: 6 slices, 8-10 inches ( depending on the crust), serves up to 2 people
  • Medium: 8 slices,12 inches, serves up to 3 people
  • Large: 10 slices, 14 inches, serves 4-5 people
  • X-large: 15 slices, 16-18 inches (signature deep dish crust), serves 6-7 people
  • Party Tray: 30 slices, 20 inches, serves 8-10 people
Calories per slice (approx.) = 440 calories (party tray), 399 calories (extra-large), 360 calories (large), 320 calories (medium), 230 calories (small)

7. Papa Murphy’s

Here’s all you need to know to determine what size of pizza and how many pizzas you need when you’re at Papa Murphy’s

  • Medium: 8 slices, 12 inches, serves 2-3 people
  • Large: Also 8 slices, 14 inches, serves 3-4 people
  • Family Size: 12 slices, 16 inches, serves 4-6 people
Calories per slice (approx.) = 386 calories (large), 290 calories (medium), 237 calories (large)

8. Marco’s Pizza

Planning to order from Marco’s? Here’s a quick overview of their serving size:

Size/Pizza SizeSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Inches10 inches12 inches14 inches16 inches
Slices6 slices8 slices8 slices12 slices
People served1-22-34-56
Calories per slice (approx.) = 350 calories (extra-large), 289 calories per slice (large), 230 calories (medium), 210 calories (small)

9. Round Table Pizza

One of the most popular pizza chains from the Western United States, Round Table Pizza offers 5 size options:

  • Personal: 6 slices, 7.5 inches, serves 1
  • Small: 6 slices, 9.5 inches, serves 2
  • Medium: 8 slices, 12 inches, serves 3-4
  • Large: 12 slices,14 inches, serves 4-5
  • Extra-large: 16 slices, 16 inches, serves 6-7
Calories per slice (approx.) = 320 calories (extra large), 300 calories (large), 280 calories (medium), 230 calories (small), 180 calories (personal)

10. Costco Pizza

Craving for a quick bite on a shoestring budget? Head to Costco and try their cheesy, gooey goodness with your choice of toppings. Their pizzas come in only one size – 18 inches, containing 12 slices. You can order a single slice at Costco for $1.99 only. It’s quite filling and tastes quite alright for the price. 

Calories per slice (approx.) = 700 calories per slice (nope, I have double-checked, it’s not a typo)

11. Mellow Mushroom Pizza

This famous eatery doesn’t exclusively make pizzas, but they definitely make some of the crunchiest pizzas in town. Their pizzas are available in three sizes:

Size/Pizza SizeSmallMediumLarge
People served12-34
Calories per slice (approx) = 430 calories (large), 390 (medium), 320 (small)

12. Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie’s has plenty of pizza size options for kids and adults, small and big groups alike. 

  • Junior: 4 slices, 8 inches, ideal for one kid
  • Small: 6 slices, 10 inches, serves 1-2 people
  • Medium: 8 slices, 12 inches, serves 3 people
  • Large: 8 slices, 14 inches, serves 4 people
  • Extra-large: 8 slices, 16 inches, serves up to 5 people
Calories per slice (approx.) = 241 calories (extra-large), 372 calories (large deep-dish), 200 calories (large hand-tossed crust), 181 calories (medium), 169 calories (small), 124 calories (junior)

How to Cut a Pizza Into Slices?

The easiest way to cut a pizza is by using a pizza cutter. This tool has two wheels that come together to slice through the crust and cheese. To use one, place it on top of your pizza and roll it back and forth until you’ve cut off all the slices. You can also use a regular knife for thick crusts and a scissor for Neapolitan-style pizzas.

Related FAQs

How Many Slices Are in an Extra-Large Pizza?

In general, there are 8 pieces in a large pizza. Some stores will also offer 10 slices.

Is It Better To Get 2 Medium Pizzas Or 1 Large Pizza?

Ans. A standard medium pizza is 12″ and comes with 6 slices, whereas a standard large pizza has a diameter of 14″ and is cut up into 8 slices. If you take 2 medium pizzas, you will be getting two 12″ pizzas and 12 slices in total. Hence, ordering two mediums is a better deal any day.

Does Pizza Have Weight Loss Benefits?

No, I’m afraid. Eating a low-carb pizza won’t make you lose weight. But it’s definitely a healthier option for people on a weight-loss diet.


It seems like “how many people does a large pizza feed?” is a question that doesn’t have a clear answer. It will mostly depend on how hungry the people are and, to some extent, the type of pizza you are having. 

Just to be on the safer side of things, I like to order one or two slices extra per head when ordering for a group. Pizza leftovers can double as your the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner in disguise. Just heat it up and enjoy!

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