Vevor Pizza Oven Reviews

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After extensive research and testing, the Vevor Pizza Oven reviews indicate it’s among the top contenders in 2023 for its efficient cooking, robust build quality, high customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing.

VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven
VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Fuel Type: Wood, Gas
  • Cooking Capacity: 14-inch Pizza
  • Cook time: 1 – 2 mins
Easy to use:
Editor’s Pick
VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven
VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven
  • Material: 430 Stainless Steel + Cold-rolled Sheet
  • Cooking Capacity: 13-inch Pizza
  • Cook time: Under 90 seconds
Easy to use:
VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven Countertop
  • Power: 1300W
  • Cooking Capacity: 14-inch Pizza
  • Temperature Range: 122-662℉
Easy to use:

I used to cook my pizzas in my kitchen oven. The result is always far from pizzeria quality. And, I would never serve them to my guests – I don’t want to be a subject of ridicule.

To change this ill fate, I decided it was time for an outdoor pizza oven. Although Ooni ovens seemed the perfect choice, their high price tag made me pause. I wasn’t ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a backyard appliance.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the remarkable brand Vevor, offering an extensive range of mid-range pizza ovens. They are the closest rival to the premium Ooni ovens I’ve ever come across.

Whether you want to upgrade your pizza shop equipment or simply need a pizza oven to craft delectable homemade pies, Vevor is your go-to brand.

Here are my top 4 best Vevor pizza ovens, all of which deliver exceptional baking quality to impress your guests or customers.

🤔Why Choose Vevor?

Vevor is one of the fastest-growing brands in the at-home pizza oven arena. They have stood out from the fierce competition by creating top-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Vevor Pizza Ovens boost innovative designs, excellent high-heat performance, and formidable build quality. Also, there’s a wide range of options, depending on your needs and budget. There are pizza ovens that are powered by gas, wood, charcoal, or even a grill that’s included.

vevor pizza oven reviews

Their products take outdoor summer cooking a couple of notches further. Homeowners on a tight budget can now afford to make fun and memorable pizza parties in their backyard.

Unlike other brands, Vevor pizza ovens are backed by a 30-day free return policy. Suppose, for any reason, you are not pleased with its pizza-making performance. In that case, the manufacturer will repurchase it – no question asked!

✅Benefits of Using Vevor Pizza Ovens

Opting for a Vevor Pizza Oven offers numerous advantages:


Vevor is known for producing affordable pizza ovens. These mid-range appliances deliver exceptional cooking performance that competes with most premium models, making them an appealing choice for both small businesses and home chefs.

Diverse Oven Selection

There’s a pool of Vevor pizza ovens to choose from. This brand offers options for commercial and at-home pizza making.

Also, these ovens are available in different fuel types – wood, gas, electric, or a combination of wood and gas. Even better, you can have your commercial oven in either a single or double-deck configuration.

Excellent customer service

Vevor strongly emphasizes customer satisfaction, as evident in their exceptional customer service. Their dedicated team is always prepared to assist you with any challenges.

Even though their products are competitively priced, having an outstanding support team that can promptly provide answers and solutions is reassuring.

⚖️Vevor Pizza Oven Vs Ooni

Do Vevor Pizza ovens hold up well compared to the esteemed Ooni brand? 


One of the apparent differences between these two popular brands is the pricing. Ooni is known for offering premium ovens with a salty price tag. Conversely, Vevor offers different types of ovens to cater to budget-conscious shoppers.

Types of Oven Offered

Vevor boasts a wider range of oven options. In contrast to Ooni, this favored brand’s product line encompasses both commercial and household pizza ovens. Nevertheless, both manufacturers offer an impressive array of backyard pizza ovens with various fuel options.

Temperature Range

In this aspect, Ooni emerges as the clear winner. Ooni’s premium ovens provide a higher cooking temperature, reaching 950 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is more challenging to attain with Vevor pizza ovens.

📌Things You Need to Know..

  • Struggling to find the best mid-tier Vevor pizza oven for you? That’s because most options from this manufacturer target diverse customers and skill levels.
  • Based on my observation, many other review websites provide recommendations without considering customers’ unique needs.
  • In contrast to these websites, I’ve chosen and ranked ovens based on their performance and capacity to craft exceptional pizzas, catering to home pizza enthusiasts and aspiring chefs.
  • Before making a choice, consider these essential factors: size, capacity, fuel type, and purpose.

⭐Vevor pizza oven Review

Portable Pizza Ovens

VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Rapid Results: Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the oven’s capability to heat up to 1000℉/540℃ in just 15 minutes and serve a 12-inch pizza in 90 seconds.
  • Hassle-Free Pizza Baking: The 210° rotating pizza stone ensures even cooking without the need to constantly turn your pizza manually, making your cooking process smoother.
  • Safety & Quality Assurance: With CSA certification, you can be confident in the safety and high standard of the product you’re investing in.
  • Maximum Temperature: 1000℉/540℃
  • Preheating Time: 15 minutes
  • Fuel Types: Gas, Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Charcoal
  • Materials: 430 Stainless Steel + Cold-rolled Sheet
My Rating:

After making over a dozen thin-crust pizzas, the VEVOR Multi-fuel is the best pizza oven for budget-conscious shoppers. Why, you might wonder? This unit attains extreme temperatures up to 1000 degrees F. whether you cook with gas or wood. This versatile outdoor pizza oven has a knack for whipping up pizzeria-style pizzas for home chefs.

That’s not all;

Equipped with a rotatable pizza stone, this one-of-a-kind feature ensures uniformly baked pies. Furthermore, it’s constructed from premium 403 stainless steel and boasts ceramic fiber insulation typically found in high-end ovens.

Without costing an extra dime, this oven is shipped with a carrying bag and a wood pellet shovel. You’d be hardpress to find another backyard oven offering this striking combination of value, performance, and versatility.

Key Features:

Solid stainless steel construction

The VEVOR Multi-fuel boasts one of the most robust constructions. A perfect combination of cold rolled steel and 403 stainless steel. This combo not only guarantees exceptional longevity but also unrivaled heating performance. It rapidly heats up to a blistering 1000 degrees F within 15 minutes.

Multi-fuel options

Depending on your fuel availability or cooking preferences, this unit offers the flexibility to cook with either wood or gas. Opt for wood, and you’ll savor the aromatic, smoky flavor and those appealing leopard spots on your pizza. Alternatively, it can be used as a gas-powered oven for a speedy solution. Perfect for satisfying your late-night cravings in no time.

Uniform cooking

With its Rotatable Pizza Stone, this mid-tier unit allows quick rotating instead of shoveling out your pie. It has better heat preservation thanks to its superior 3-layer thermal insulation design. This creates the optimal cooking condition to bake stunning pizzas in under 2 minutes.

Best For:

Folks looking for the best mid-range pizza oven offering the ultimate cooking flexibility. It’s an excellent buy for pizza enthusiasts looking to bake incredible pizzeria-style pizza at home.


  • It has a massive fuel tray that holds lots of wood chunks for less fire tendering.
  • With a 0.4-inch cordierite pizza stone, this oven removes the moisture pool under your pizza dough. So, your pizza comes out crisp and fluffy on the inside.
  • Its adjustable chimney cover is another feature I appreciate. No more worry about the smoke direction suffocating my guests.
  • Although lightweight, the included waterproof cover makes transporting and storing a breeze.


  • There’s a lot of ash to clean out after cooking. It can be a bit tedious. So, it’s good that this oven is compatible with a gas burner.

Commercial Pizza Oven

VEVOR Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven

VEVOR Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven
  • Consistent & Fast Results: Powered at 2900W with four quartz heating tubes, your dishes benefit from a 360° 3D heating effect, ensuring they’re evenly cooked and mouth-wateringly delicious in no time.
  • Versatility in Baking: Whether you run a commercial kitchen, pizza chain, or bakery, you can effortlessly bake not just 14-inch pizzas but also delightful sandwiches, cookies, bread, and other snacks.
  • Hassle-Free Setup & Cleaning: Say goodbye to cumbersome assembly; with most parts pre-installed, setup is a breeze. Plus, with a removable rear plate, cleaning becomes a task you no longer dread.
My Rating:

The VEVOR Conveyor is my top choice for small bakeries and pizza shops. This versatile appliance offers multiple advantages that make a HUGE difference in your pizzeria’s operation efficiency.

Sporting an Advanced Powerful Quartz Heating Tubes and powered by a powerful 2900W heating element, the Conveyor Oven delivers stunning pizzas and perfectly toasted sandwiches effortlessly. 

What’s more?

The exterior is even more impressive with its smooth stainless steel construction. So, it stands up to the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen. Furthermore, its extended conveyor belt is 30 inches wide. It has different speed settings, allowing you to perfectly cook every pie to taste or crisp.

Key Features:

World-class heating system

The VEVOR Conveyor Oven has robust and reliable heating technology. Employing a powerful 2900W heating element, this oven heats up to 572 degrees F. This extreme heat is evenly distributed, thanks to its strategically placed four quartz heating tubes. Thus creating the most optimal cooking conditions for your pizzas, sandwiches, English muffins, etc.

Impeccable construction

Almost every part of this oven is designed and manufactured using premium stainless steel material. This means farewell to concerns about unsightly rust spots forming on your appliance. Also, its top thermal insulation cotton is the best in class. With minimal heat loss, this oven proudly makes stunning pizzas with crisp and delicious flavor.

Efficient conveyor performance

The extended conveyor belt is about 30 inches wide and has different speed modes. The first knob allows you to choose how fast or slow it goes. As a result, you can precisely set the browning level of the baked goods.

Best For:

Pizzeria deli or large kitchen cafe looking to improve production efficiency without compromising quality and taste.


  • The conveyor pizza oven is incredibly user-friendly and arrives nearly ready for immediate use.
  • It has two dials to control the heat level of the top and bottom elements separately. This made it easier to achieve professional-quality pizzas – crisp base and bubbling cheese.
  • Measuring 18.5 x 41.3 x 14.6 inches, this pizza oven won’t demand much countertop real estate.
  • The oven has several speed settings for the conveyor belts, translating to different browning levels.
  • This commercial oven is backed by a 30-day free return policy.


  • A few customers had trouble obtaining replacement parts after several years of use.

Gas Pizza Oven

VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven

VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven
  • Quick Enjoyment: Start indulging in delicious pizza in as little as 15 minutes! Your 13-inch pizza will be ready in 90 seconds or less, allowing more time for relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Consistent and Delicious Results: The three-layered thermal insulation ensures your pizza cooks evenly, so every bite is as perfect as the last.
  • Durable Investment: Constructed from high-quality materials like 430 stainless steel and cold-rolled sheet, this oven promises longevity and consistent performance.
  • Ideal for Standard Pizzas: Fits 13-inch pizzas perfectly.
  • Safety First: CSA certified for peace of mind.
My Rating:

I love the VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven because of its sleek construction, high heat performance, and wide mouth. This unit is more like the gas-only version of my top choice: the VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven.

What’s more?

The VEVOR Gas Pizza Oven has foldable legs for fast setup and a convenient carrying experience. It has a carrying bag included, making it a perfect gas pizza oven for on-the-go pizza-making experience.

Key Features:

Ultra high-heat performance

This oven utilizes a powerful gas burner to deliver immense heat up to 1000 degrees F. This piece of equipment comes to a temperature within 15 minutes. This unit retains more heat and flavor thanks to its state-of-the-art insulation design. As such, the next pizza is just as tasty and crispy as the first.

High-end stainless steel construction

This gas oven is meticulously designed with the finest stainless steel and ceramic fiber. This not only makes this oven visually appealing but also thermally efficient. Also, its thick stainless steel construction ensures it withstands harsh outdoor conditions.

Roomy cooking space

Unlike other ovens, this model has lots of space to cook and spin 12-inch pizza. It doesn’t feel crampy. Plus, the enormous cooking space makes it ideal for roasting chicken, grilled fish, and BBQ meat.

Best For:

Folks looking to make mouthwatering pizza on their patio, in the garden, or on camping trips.


  • I love its sleek design and powdered coating, adding elegance to its appearance. It’s well insulated, making it warm and not hot to the touch.
  • This deck gets really hot, about 800 degrees F in under 15 minutes. This is crucial to achieving crisp, stone-baked pizza.
  • The pizza stone on this model is slightly thicker than the one included in the MultiFuel version. Thus, it’s stronger and retains heat longer to reduce waiting time between pizzas.
  • It’s super lightweight, and its carrying bag makes it easier to carry for the next camping trip.
  • A pizza cutter, a large circular pizza spatula, and gloves are included at NO extra cost.


  • It required constant spinning to prevent a burnt side. This is why I appreciate the oven’s ample cooking space; shuffling the pizza is easier.

Countertop Oven

VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven Countertop

  • Ample Cooking Space: The oven accommodates a 14″ pizza, offering versatility with the included 15.6 x 15.6-inch pizza stone or a 15.5 x 15.5 x 2.8-inch shelf.
  • Tailored Cooking: Dual thermostat dials allow for precise temperature control for both top and bottom, catering to a variety of culinary needs with temperatures ranging from 122-662℃.
  • Time-Efficiency: The oven has a powerful 1300W heating system which ensures quick cooking in 15-20 minutes without the need for preheating.
  • Safety Timers: The time setting function allows for varied cooking tasks and ensures safety by auto shut-off after the set time.
My Rating:

In my search for the perfect pizza maker for all seasons – summer, winter, spring, and fall – this appliance is the best I’ve come across thus far. This electric model definitely has a commercial feel to it. With two robust U-shaped heating elements, this oven gets super hot, up to 662 degrees F.


This commercial-grade oven has a massive cooking space for a large 14-inch pizza. It has all the features you need to consistently craft mouthwatering pizzas on every occasion. From adjustable heat dials to dense emission holes, this oven makes stunning pizzas for restaurants or large family parties.

Key Features:

Multiple U-shaped heating tubes

High heat and even cooking are essential to creating professional-quality pizzas. Thanks to its innovative multiple U-shaped heating tubes, this commercial oven generates and spreads the heat evenly for perfectly baked pizzas. No spinning is necessary! It takes under 15 minutes to make a sumptuous pizza from start to finish.

Excellent temperature control

This popular pizza oven comes with two dials for controlling the temperature of the top and bottom heat elements. This way, you can craft every dish to your taste or preference.

High-quality construction

The VEVOR Commercial Single-Deck Oven is built with durability and efficiency in mind. The exterior and interior features commercial-grade stainless steel construction. Thus offering high confidence in its reliability and durability. Also, the insulation is another aspect of this oven that performs wonderfully. Regardless of how long the oven has been cooking, it never gets hot to the touch.

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Best For:

Anyone running a restaurant or bakery looking for a more affordable commercial pizza oven. Also, it’s a smart purchase for home chefs who frequently host large parties.


  • Its 60-minute timer function is helpful when I have a lot on my plate. Significantly improving your efficiency and productivity.
  • The stainless steel is shiny and feels premium. I expected a cheap-looking oven and was glad to be disappointed.
  • Its cooking performance is superior to other ovens within its price range. Not many options heat up 662 degrees F without burning down.
  • Love its generous cooking space. There’s more than enough room for me to whip up a delicious pizzeria-grade pizza on the stone deck.
  • Not just pizza, I use this oven for cooking bread and cakes. They are also perfect for pastries and pies.


  • This oven smoked during the burn-in at max temperature. It was the lubricants burning. It’s not a deal breaker; just keep the windows open.

📊Comparisons of the Vevor Pizza Oven

 VEVOR Multi-fuel Outdoor Pizza OvenVEVOR Conveyor Commercial Pizza OvenVEVOR Gas Pizza OvenVEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven Countertop
Fuel TypeWood, GasElectricGasElectric
Pizza Size12 inches14 inches13 inches14 inches
Power Rating 2900W 1300W
Temperature Range0 – 1000℉122- 572°F0 – 1000℉122-662℃
Preheat Time10 – 15 mins 10 – 15 mins 
Cook time1 – 2 minsUnder 15 minsUnder 90 secondsUnder 15 mins
Item Weight28.9 lbs41.9 lbs24.3 lbs44.1 lbs

📰Key Things to Consider When Choosing the best Vevor pizza oven

Materials and Build Quality

Pizza ovens are typically made of stainless steel. However, the outer dome must be made of thick stainless steel and ceramic fiber insulation.

A well-engineered hood helps trap heat for improved thermal efficiency. Thus, allowing you to cook pizzas within 2 – 4 minutes. Also, It protects cooks from scalding themselves accidentally.

Besides, products with robust construction offer impressive longevity. They are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh outdoor conditions without warping. 

Fuel Type

Wood-burning pizza is your best bet if you want an authentic smoke-flavored pizza. They provide you with that wood-fired classism you can get gas or electric models.

Unfortunately, cooking with wood is notoriously tricky. Building, feeding, and managing the fire can be too much work. If you have no experience, you are better off with a gas or electric pizza oven.

Cooking with gas or electricity is straightforward and convenient. While the sweet, smokey flavor is usually missing, they deliver char-crust pizza with nicely melted cheese.

Personal vs. Commercial

Before shopping for a pizza oven, determine the intended device’s purpose. Vevor pizza ovens are not created the same. There are models more suited for backyard pizzas, while others are for restaurants.

If you run a pizza parlor or restaurant, Vevor conveyor ovens are a great choice. They are powered by either electric or gas and cook several pizzas at once. This type of oven offers higher production outputs with a roomy cooking space and a powerful burner/heating element.

On the other hand;

For late-night backyard pizzas, the multi-fuel or gas pizza ovens have fantastic performance. They can make a couple of tantalizing pizzas to entertain your guests. However, they can only make one pizza at a time.

Oven Size and Capacity

Vevor pizza ovens come in varying sizes and configurations. For occasional pizza enthusiasts who prefer to make small personalized pizzas, a 12-inch pizza oven should suffice. They offer enough room to cook 6 to 12-inch pizzas perfectly.

However, these small pizza ovens won’t cut it if you are an avid entertainer. Their limited space makes it impossible to make large pizzas to feed the crowd. I recommend splurging on any of their 14 or 16-inch models.


You want to consider how much space you will sacrifice for a pizza maker. A large pizza oven would require more space than a smaller 12-inch unit. Using a large pizza oven might be challenging for homeowners with a small patio or backyard.

Heating Capabilities

Regardless of the fuel type, the right oven for you should be able to achieve at least 700 degrees Fahrenheit. High deck temperatures make it possible to bake pizza to crisp perfection. Also, a wide temperature range brings a lot of versatility to your cooking.

Reaching a blistering temperature is not everything. The best pizza oven should be able to retain heat for quick cooking. The secret lies in the enclosed hood and insulation technology. An oven with longer heat retention will cook several pizzas beautifully faster using less fuel.

Ease of Use

Not all pizza ovens are shipped pre-assembled. Some models can be tricky to assemble, even for someone with experience. Choosing a product with fewer parts to assemble makes your first-time experience splendid and rewarding.

Also, ovens with a temperature display make it easier to keep track of the internal heat levels. Another feature to watch out for is pizza makers with wide-mouth openings. Narrow ones make you feel cramped in. Plus, spinning your pizzas in them will be a bit stressful.

🛠How to use the Vevor portable pizza oven?

Using a portable pizza oven depends on the type of fuel being employed. Gas and electric-powered ovens are simple and straightforward to use.

For gas, attach the gas line or hook to the oven and turn the ignition dial until you hear a clicking sound. Hold for a few seconds to get the fire started. Allow the oven’s deck to come to a temperature before launching your pies.

Electric ovens require an electric outlet. Once it’s plugged in, turn the heat dial to the max. Wait 10 – 15 minutes for the stone to heat up before throwing in your uncooked pizza. Some models allow you to cook without preheating.

The tricky one – wood-burning pizza oven;

It utilizes the classic wood-fired cooking process. Add a couple of small wood chunks and a firestarter to the firebox and light up. The next step involves building and tendering to the fire. Toss in a few large pieces of wood to keep the fire going until the oven is hot enough.


How you cook with a pizza oven depends mainly on the fuel type. Gas and electric-powdered ovens are hassle-free to use with almost no learning curve. It’s pretty different for wood-fired models. They have a traditional cooking method and are best for people with the skillset.

💭Vevor Pizza Oven Related FAQs

What else can you make in a pizza oven?

These portable pizza ovens are versatile and excellent at crafting other culinary delights. Aside from pizza making, these adept ovens are perfect for preparing bread, lasagna, roasted fish, etc. Also, they have a knack for whipping up sumptuous appetizers and desserts.

Can the gas vevor pizza oven make good pizza?

Capable of achieving up to a scorching 800 degrees F, gas vevor pizza ovens are adept at crafting crisp pizza crust. In contrast to regular kitchen ovens, they preserve the pizza’s moisture content. So, the result is not a parched, unpalatable pie.


Creating an entertaining experience for your guests doesn’t have to strain your budget. Vevor presents a range of outstanding mid-range pizza ovens, ideal for crafting exquisite pizzas.

These appliances are surprisingly resilient, deliver top-notch performance, and exhibit impressive durability.

Before selecting from the above recommendations, consider the essential factors outlined in the buying guide. However, I am confident that any of these products will enable you to whip up pizzeria-style delights, regardless of your skill level.

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